We are proud to feature the art of Mary Brooking, JD Asmussen, Ruth Bookey, and Michael Strauss.

Mary's acrylic paintings are inspired by the beauty of the Maine landscape for your home, restaurant or office. Browse and taste the colors!

JD Asmussen of Smithfield is a painter and printmaker who exhibits her art in central Maine galleries and shops. Visit her website to see more of her art or to order note cards or prints (framed or unframed) of the images below.

Ruth, a Readfield resident, creates these pictures on a computer and calls them "mouse art." You may order prints of any of the pictures.

Michael is a retired academic living in South Burlington, Vermont. Formerly a professor at the University of Vermont, he now paints and teaches drawing full time. You can read his full bio here, and browse his paintings at his website.


Mary Brooking


12" x 12"

Afternoon In Wonderland

10" x 10"


JD Asmussen

Lawns of Lobstermen

Watercolor with pen & ink (cover art for Doug Woodsum's book), prints available

Castle Island Vacation

Watercolor with pen & ink, prints available

Wyeth's Place

Watercolor, prints available

Below a Full Moon I

Watercolor monotype, 14x23 framed original available

Dreaming Beyond the Night Sky

Watercolor, original & prints available


Ruth Bookey

Cat Tails

6.5" x 9" Prints

Black Vase


Michael Strauss

Night Light

Acrylic and ink

Bristol Road

Acrylic and ink