DEEP WATER is a poetry feature in the Portland, Maine Sunday Telegram begun by Portland Poet Laureate Gibson Fay-Leblanc in 2016, to showcase Maine poets. Moon Pie Press poets have had poems featured in this column many times, as listed below.

The link to the full archive with all poems is:

01-15-17"Crow Calling" Marita O'Neill
03-26-17"Palimpsest" Thomas R. Moore
04-02-17"The Sadness A Recluse Lets Pass" Douglas Woodsum
06-04-17"My Boat" Jay Franzel
06-18-17"Thrown Back" Marcia Brown
06-25-17"Rough Edges" Thomas R. Moore
08-13-17"Left At Home" Edward Rielly
04-22-18"After the Flood" Jeri Theriault
07-01-18"A Field By A River" Pam Burr Smith
07-15-18"Fourteener 279" Douglas Woodsum
08-19-18"Understory" Jim Glenn Thatcher
09-30-18"College Essay" Marita O'Neill
12-09-18"Walking With My Brother in Central Park"Mike Bove
12-16-18"earth dance" Jeri Theriault
03-03-19"The Skaters of Corea Harbor, Maine" Doug Woodsum
03-10-19"To Dance Again" Alice Persons
05-26-19"Some Words on Birds and Borders" Dennis Camire
06-16-19"Fathers and Sons" David Stankiewicz
06-30-19"Picnic Area, Side of the Road" Jay Franzel
10-06-19"Knock (October Again)" David Stankiewicz
01-26-20"Snow Plow at 3:00 AM" Mike Bove
09-09-20"reaping" Jeri Theriault
10-11-20"Putting to Bed" Marita O'Neill
11-29-20"Morning" Edward Rielly
12-13-20"Cold Harvest" Jenny Doughty